Fully Leased Commercial Condominium Unit for Sale

16 NE Fremont – $595,000 – 5.5% CAP

Carbon12’s structural heart is a steel core, but just about everything else consists of cross-laminated timber, a hyper-strong material made by pressing and gluing together thin layers of wood. At 85 feet tall, Carbon12 is one of the tallest mass timber and cross-laminated timber buildings in the country. Along with the inherent environmental benefits of wood, Carbon12 is better equipped to handle an earthquake or other natural disaster thanks to its buckling-restrained brace frame core. Work on Carbon12 was completed in 2018. It is named after the atomic weight of carbon (12 AMU), as the carbon footprint was one of the primary motivators to choose timber, and its street address (12 NE Fremont St.) Carbon12 is comprised of 2 commercial units and 14 high-end residential units.